Imagine a world where the US currency captures the spirit of our modern age, seamlessly blending innovation, creativity, and homage to visionary artists and designers. That’s precisely the goal I set out to achieve when tasked with the exciting challenge of redesigning the US Dollar. Embracing the notion of personal interests as inspiration, I embarked on a conceptual journey that pushed the boundaries of traditional currency design. Drawing from my passion for contemporary art and design, I infused the banknotes with elements that pay tribute to renowned artists and designers, reflecting their profound impact on their respective industries. With a fresh and forward-thinking approach, I envisioned a currency that not only reflects our digital era but also serves as a powerful symbol of artistic excellence. I’m proud to say that the resulting concept breathes new life into the US currency, bringing it firmly into the 21st century while honoring the creative visionaries who shape our world.






Immerse yourself in a visionary world where art, design, and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine the concept of currency. Inspired by the immense influence of renowned artists and graphic designers, including Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Paul Rand, George Odom, and Paula Scher, I embarked on a creative journey to reinvent the US currency. Fueled by the desire to embrace the possibilities of our modern age, I introduced technological advancements that seamlessly merge with the vibrant aesthetics of the banknotes. The inclusion of a secure chip, encrypted with 128-bit technology, guarantees unparalleled protection against counterfeiting, ensuring the integrity of the currency. To enhance durability and longevity, I revolutionized the material composition by utilizing a synthetic polymer like biaxially oriented polypropylene, offering banknotes that withstand the test of time. The result is a currency that not only reflects the dynamic nature of our technology-driven society but also pays homage to the artistic prowess of the selected visionaries. Vibrant, forward-thinking, and iconic, this redesigned currency stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of art, design, and innovation.

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