The Brief

During my marketing internship at Zoot Enterprises, I had the chance to demonstrate my creative and leadership prowess. I was tasked with creating an engaging video for the company’s convention booth, and I faced a pressing two-week deadline. Rising to the challenge, I quickly turned the VP of Marketing’s rough sketches into detailed storyboards using Adobe XD. With my proficiency in Adobe After Effects, I animated these storyboards, adding depth and interactivity to the video. This project was a platform for me to showcase my ability to conceptualize, organize, and execute intricate multimedia projects swiftly. I’m eager to apply my creative flair and technical expertise to a graphic design role, where I aim to continue crafting exceptional visual narratives.

Shawn was a pleasure to have on our team during his internship. Within a limited timeframe, he quickly dove into design tasks and saw larger projects to completion during the engagement. Shawn knows his toolset, what software to reach for, and the processes to employ when it comes to creative problem-solving.

Casey Ferguson, Zoot Enterprises


The image is a hand-drawn storyboard for a marketing motion graphic. It contains eight panels representing key concepts: Control, Flexibility, Scalability, Performance, Reliability, and ROI, with additional panels for case studies highlighting a reduction in fraud and improved conversion rates for digital applications. Notes accompanying the panels suggest interactive elements and animation sequences, such as adding steps or typing in markup. The storyboard is structured around six value propositions and includes interface elements like working windows and underwriting processes. This serves as a visual plan for creating the motion graphic’s narrative and interactive components.


The image is a set of high-fidelity mockups for a marketing video, converted from the initial sketches. These mockups feature a vibrant gradient background predominantly in shades of purple and pink, with white and pink text for contrast.

Key value propositions are highlighted at the top of each panel, such as “CONTROL,” “FLEXIBILITY,” “SCALABILITY,” and “PERFORMANCE & RELIABILITY.” Detailed descriptions are provided for each, explaining the benefits, such as intuitive platforms for control, automated and manual underwriting for flexibility, and easy data addition for scalability.

Support metrics like “99.9% UPTIME” and “24/7 SUPPORT” are prominently displayed, and successful case studies are showcased, illustrating a “50% CONVERSION DDA APPS,” “Over 500% ROI,” “93% AUTOMATED CARD APPLICATIONS,” and “30% REDUCTION FRAUD.”

Two logos are present at the bottom, “WebRules” and “eZoot,” with their associated URLs, and a tagline that combines all value propositions for a cohesive brand message.

These mockups are likely to be used for a dynamic and visually engaging video created in Adobe After Effects, intended to effectively communicate the product’s benefits and successful case studies to potential customers.

Final Video

The final video is a testament to exceptional adaptability and skill in the face of tight deadlines. Zoot, presented with the challenge of creating an impactful display for CBA Live, experienced a triumph through the video’s creation. Starting with handwritten notes from the marketing director, Casey, these foundational ideas were meticulously crafted into high-definition visual designs using Sketch. The designs were then given motion and energy in After Effects, a tool that was mastered promptly, demonstrating a keen ability to learn and adapt swiftly. Despite being a novice with After Effects, the execution of the animations was professional and effective, leading to a final video that surpassed Zoot’s expectations. The project was a resounding success, highlighting the capability to not only cope with pressure but to excel, embracing new technologies and delivering a visually stunning product for the trade show booth.

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