CrossTx approached me about updating their website. They wanted to be able to update content quickly and also write articles for their blog. Because of these goals, I pitched them the idea of creating their website in WordPress. I quickly got to work creating each page, deciding on the graphics for each page (which included some icons and graphics created specifically for the site).

Shawn is responsive, helpful, and a self-starter. He helped us with a website redesign and not only came to the table with good ideas but was fast working and on schedule. Even though the project is complete, Shawn is still helpful and willing to answer questions. I highly recommend Shawn.

Sara Crow, CrossTx


I designed CrossTx’s user flows, high-fidelity wireframes, and its User Interface for the iPhone app. My challenge was to create a consistent experience without making it a hospital or doctor’s office clone. They work with those types of businesses but are very much a startup at heart and wanted to set themselves apart from their competition. I made the first pass at creating each page with the same basic layout and then refined it and gave each page its final personality. In the end, the client was very happy with the outcome and continues to use the original design today.

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