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I’m Shawn Farnum, a seasoned UI/UX designer passionate about creating digital environments catering to a diverse user base. My journey in design began in the late 1990s at The Art Institute in Seattle. Although I did not complete my degree there, it laid the cornerstone for my enduring love for design. This passion drove me to further my education and skills at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, MT, where I studied Web Design in 2009/2010. This experience was pivotal, steering me toward the Graphic Design School at Montana State University, where I formally honed my expertise and graduated from the School of Arts and Architecture with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2021.

A broad spectrum of experiences across various industries, including fintech, healthcare, and augmented reality enriches my background. I specialize in leading UX projects from the ground up—conducting thorough market research, crafting target personas, and designing wireframes and prototypes. My top-notch communication skills ensure effective collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. I champion a data-driven, user-centric design approach, producing interfaces that are not only visually compelling but also intuitive and strategically aligned with business objectives.

I stay abreast of industry trends, embracing agile methodologies and component libraries to maintain flexibility and efficiency in my work. My proficiency in tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Creative Suite, along with a foundational knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensures smooth transitions in developer handoffs. My approach is proactive and organized, underscored by a steadfast commitment to excellence that I bring to any team.

Beyond my primary expertise in UI/UX, I possess a versatile skill set in Graphic Design, Web Design, and WordPress, showcasing my dedication to comprehensive design and development solutions. My portfolio reflects my journey and versatility in the field, demonstrating my commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital design.


Shawn was a pleasure to have on our team during his internship. Within a limited timeframe, he quickly dove into design tasks and saw larger projects to completion during the engagement. Shawn knows his toolset, what software to reach for, and the processes to employ when it comes to creative problem-solving.

Casey Ferguson - Vice President of Marketing, Zoot Enterprises

“Shawn is responsive, helpful and a self-starter. He helped us with a website redesign and not only came to the table with good ideas but was fast working and on schedule. Even though the project is complete, Shawn is still helpful and willing to answer questions.”

Sara Crow – Marketing Manager, CrossTx

“Shawn is a superb designer and developer. Not only is he able to come up with a very esthetic and user-friendly layout, he is able to construct it with the necessary web development tools. He would be a twofold asset to any company.”

Nicholas Marucci – Instructor, Montana Code School

“Shawn had a solid foundation in UI/UX design that proved to be very useful come course projects. His ability to charge forward into the realm of programming, further displayed his capacity to be highly trainable, as well as eager to learn. I believe he would make a great addition to any team.”

Lauren Nichols – Teaching Assistant, Montana Code School

“Shawn has been quite helpful as a co-founder of DropTrip. He is completely committed to its success and works to improve his skills and abilities on a regular basis to make that happen. He stays focused on the task at hand and clearly never stops thinking about the challenges we face and how to solve them. He is willing to jump in wherever needed.”

Doug Warner – CEO, DropTrip


Drop me a line, I love collaborating and talking with other designers. While I’m always available for one-off UI/UX work, my main focus is finding full-time, remote, or in-person employment opportunities.

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